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Jack Seed, M.D.

Dr. Seed is a board-certified psychiatrist who works with adults. His expertise is working with a variety of mental health conditions: depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, panic disorder, ADHD, OCD, schizophrenia and others.

Dr. Seed trained mostly at St. Louis University and had expert teaching in providing high quality medication management and psychotherapy. In recent years he has worked collaboratively with psychotherapists to provide medication assessment for their patients.

Dr. Seed sees his work with patients as a partnership, working together to find the best solution for a problem. He welcomes feedback about any concerns about his recommendations or the effects of medications. He tries to obtain as much information as possible to provide optimal care. His goal is to help his patients achieve maximum benefit from his treatment and to remain stable and functioning at the best level possible. 

If treatment is not going as anticipated, he will talk with patients about alternatives, remain open to hear any suggestions and answer any questions. This is all in the interest of achieving maximum benefit.

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