FMHW Academic Enrichment


Looking for a great tutor?

Fairfax Mental Health and Wellness has become known for diagnostic testing, including psychoeducational testing for students. In cases where our patients requested additional resources for math, science, reading and writing help, we didn’t know of anywhere we could send them… so we created our own program.

FMHW Academic Enrichment pairs your child with a specialist from the school system. Our tutors have worked with Fairfax and Prince Williams County schools so they know what your kids are up against. Each student that comes to us for tutoring will receive hour long one-on-one tutoring sessions with an expert, not a student and also, not a group of kids.

Our pricing is simple:

  • $50 for supplies (one time fee)

  • $75 per hour session

We offer flexible hours and days at our location in Chain Bridge Road in Fairfax.

To contact us for more information, please click here or call 703.896.7628.